The Benefits of Climate Action



Our Climate Crisis Action Plan provides a pathway to millions of good-paying, high-quality jobs that can rebuild America’s middle class while repairing the legacy of environmental pollution that has burdened low-income communities and communities of color for decades.

Solving the climate crisis is also about averting the costs and the worst impacts of the climate crisis, as we build a stronger, healthier, and fairer America for everyone.


Jobs Created
Annually with a Clean Electricity Standard[1]


Premature Deaths Avoided
Each Year by 2050[2]

$8 Trillion

Health and Climate Benefits
by 2050[2]

"Our plan will put people back to work and rebuild in a way that benefits all of us. That means environmental justice and our vulnerable communities are at the center of the solutions we propose. The health of our families and the air we breathe are at the heart of our plan. We chart the course to good-paying jobs in solar and wind energy, in manufacturing American-made electric vehicles, and in strengthening communities, so they are more resilient to flooding, extreme heat, intense hurricanes and wildfires."

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Watch Our Past Hearing On Climate Benefits

12:00 PM Tuesday April 20 2021

This hearing explored the ways that climate action can drive economic growth and create good-paying jobs in the United States. It also explored the economic development strategies needed to support workers and develop new energy projects, the federal policies required to leverage private capital for climate action, and the need to ensure that clean energy infrastructure benefits environmental justice communities and underserved populations.

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