Our Plan To Drive Innovation And Deployment Of Clean Energy And Deep Decarbonization Technologies








Boosting American Climate Innovation

Although aggressive deployment of existing clean energy technologies can take us far, full decarbonization of the economy will require transformational technologies that have yet to be invented. These technologies take a long time to develop and require sustained investments to overcome multiple “valleys of death” on the path to commercialization. The United States, however, has abandoned Mission Innovation, a global initiative working to accelerate investment in clean energy and decarbonization technologies.

Robust innovation policy and increased public and private investments at all process stages—research, development, demonstration, and deployment (RDD&D)—are critical to the timely and widespread implementation of these new technologies.


The United States has a world-class innovation system that can address the challenges of deep decarbonization and climate resilience while advancing U.S. competitiveness and fueling long-term economic growth. To unleash this potential, Congress must enact coordinated policies that support and fund innovation at all stages, leverage private sector investment as much as possible, and ensure that innovative technologies are developed and deployed in a just and equitable way.


Empower the Department of Energy (DOE) to tackle the climate crisis by prioritizing climate in DOE’s mission and reorganizing DOE’s structure to meet this goal.

Maintain U.S. leadership in clean energy innovation by recommitting to Mission Innovation and substantially increasing investment in clean energy RD&D over the next 10 years.

Engage environmental justice communities in clean energy RDD&D by creating a DOE Energy Justice and Democracy Program and prioritizing diverse participation in all DOE programs.

Facilitate technology transfer and commercialization through new initiatives, such as a DOE demonstration office, regional innovation partnerships, and a DOE foundation.

Finance innovative decarbonization technologies through a reformed DOE Loan Guarantee Program with an expanded portfolio and more flexible financing mechanisms.

Accelerate deployment of clean technology and climate resilient infrastructure by establishing a national climate bank.