Chair Castor Statement On End Of COP26, Final Glasgow Agreement

Nov 13, 2021
Press Release
As Climate Summit Ends, Congress Poised To Pass Largest Clean Energy & Climate Investment In History

WASHINGTON - Chair Kathy Castor of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis released the following statement on Saturday after the conclusion of the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change:

“The United States is ready to partner with the rest of the world on the clean energy future, using American technology and talent to support sustainable development across the globe and start solving the climate crisis,” said Chair Castor. “That's the message that Speaker Pelosi and our congressional delegation delivered to global leaders in Glasgow. And it's a promise we intend to keep in order to help lower costs, create jobs, and improve the health of Americans. I'm grateful to the policymakers, organizations, and leaders from across the globe who welcomed our partnership, and who expressed their deep gratitude to President Biden, Special Presidential Envoy Kerry, and the rest of the administration for restoring America’s leadership role at the summit.

Today, COP26 closes with the adoption of the Glasgow Climate Pact. Tomorrow, we start working on its implementation and building support for additional climate ambition, adaptation, and finance. Solving the climate crisis will require hard work and long-term commitments - and that’s what we’ve seen from countries in Glasgow for the past 2 weeks.

“As we return to Washington next week, we'll make good on our promise to pass the largest single investment in climate action and clean energy in American history through the Build Back Better Act. By passing this historic bill, we'll build on the important resilience, grid, and electric vehicle investments in the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. And once we're done passing the President's Build Back Better Agenda, we'll come back the next day and keep fighting to secure a livable climate for our kids and future generations.”



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