Press Releases

May 13, 2022 Press Release
This hearing will examine pathways to create a sustainable food system that is resilient in the face of climate change. It will also explore solutions to reduce heat-trapping pollution in the food chain supply, while ensuring access to affordable, safe, and healthy food for all Americans.
Apr 20, 2022 Press Release
“We urgently need to shore up American energy independence and security by upgrading and expanding the electric grid,” the letter reads.
Apr 4, 2022 Press Release
“We are falling behind. And unless we ramp up our work, entire generations will face the consequences of inaction on climate change,” said Chair Castor.
Apr 1, 2022 Press Release
“We urge the Biden Administration to take action to ramp up American manufacturing and adoption of electric appliances like heat pumps and work with the Senate to steer transformative investments in clean energy across the finish line," said the Co-Chairs.
Apr 1, 2022 Press Release
This hearing will explore how investments in energy efficiency can save Americans money, reduce carbon emissions, and promote energy security.
Mar 25, 2022 Press Release
This hearing will review the climate benefits of the investments made in ecosystem restoration and conservation through the Great American Outdoors Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. It will also examine opportunities for further investment to create healthy and resilient habitats and communities.
Mar 24, 2022 Press Release
“We urge you to promote the deployment of strategies that would help move more clean electricity over the existing electric grid and would complement your efforts on transmission planning, cost allocation, and generator interconnection,” the letter reads.
Mar 23, 2022 Press Release
"As Co-Chairs of the first bicameral Congressional Electrification Caucus, we are urging President Biden to prioritize investing in widespread electrification, including making electrification for American households easy and affordable," said the Co-Chairs.
Mar 21, 2022 Press Release
"Investors, pension fund managers and the public need better information about the physical and transition-related risks that climate change poses to hard-earned investments,” said Chair Castor.
Mar 10, 2022 Press Release
“Solving the climate crisis and ensuring clean air in vulnerable communities go hand in hand,” said Chair Castor.