Press Releases

Mar 24, 2022 Press Release
“We urge you to promote the deployment of strategies that would help move more clean electricity over the existing electric grid and would complement your efforts on transmission planning, cost allocation, and generator interconnection,” the letter reads.
Mar 23, 2022 Press Release
"As Co-Chairs of the first bicameral Congressional Electrification Caucus, we are urging President Biden to prioritize investing in widespread electrification, including making electrification for American households easy and affordable," said the Co-Chairs.
Mar 21, 2022 Press Release
"Investors, pension fund managers and the public need better information about the physical and transition-related risks that climate change poses to hard-earned investments,” said Chair Castor.
Mar 10, 2022 Press Release
“Solving the climate crisis and ensuring clean air in vulnerable communities go hand in hand,” said Chair Castor.
Mar 9, 2022 Press Release
Biden Administration Restores California Waiver to Enforce Pollution Standards for Cars, Light Trucks
“Today’s announcement by the Biden Administration is another step in the right direction, encouraging and supporting state efforts to solve the climate crisis and ensure clean air for their residents," said Chair Castor.
Mar 4, 2022 Press Release
This hearing will examine how the findings of the latest reports on climate impacts underscore the urgent need to develop a national climate adaptation and resilience strategy. It will also focus on ways to activate all sectors and levels of government to deliver actionable climate risk science, information, and tools, while also helping drive funding and investment to vulnerable communities.
Mar 3, 2022 Press Release
“Investments in low-carbon infrastructure are cost effective and smart policy to meet America’s near-term energy needs and benefit communities and workers as we move to lower-cost clean energy," said Chair Castor.
Mar 1, 2022 Press Release
“President Biden's call to build a stronger and more resilient America through clean energy and more resilient infrastructure provides an extraordinary opportunity to create jobs and lower costs for families and businesses alike,” said Chair Castor.
Feb 28, 2022 Press Release
“Today’s IPCC report shows the urgent need to invest in climate resilience and adaptation to prepare our communities for the costly impacts of the climate crisis,” said Chair Castor.
Feb 28, 2022 Press Release
"Today, Republicans in Congress are asking the Supreme Court to gut the Clean Air Act, which has protected families from air pollution for over half a century. With this attack on the EPA, Republicans are throwing families under the bus - all in the name of boosting the profits of coal executives."